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Entertainment, Recreation, and Travel


Blind Entertainers Survey

The Blind Entertainers Survey, from the Performing Arts Division (PAD) of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) seeks to define the difficulties facing blind people with performing arts goals. Help us better serve the needs of America's blind entertainers.

Who should take the survey? Anyone who is blind or has a severe visual impairment who has ever sought to develop their performing arts skills as an amateur or professional -- musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, broadcasters, sound engineers, etc.

Whether or not you are a member of PAD of the NFB, whether or not you have been successful, whether or not you are still pursuing your art, we want to hear your experiences and thoughts.

There is an on line form at:
Blind Entertainers Survey

Or, download a Word Doc of the survey at: Under the Heading “Blind Entertainers Survey, the third link is “Download the survey in Doc format” Complete & send to: Donna Hill, Head of Media Relations, PAD of the NFB at:

No personal information will be conveyed to any third party.

If you know anyone who may be interested in participating in this survey, please pass along this info.

Thank you.


I have a number of blogs, having to do with vision, health, and wealth. I encourage you to visit and just post a comment, or something you would like to share, or create your own blog. It can be very cool to have your own website, with your very own thoughts, poems, whatever strikes your fancy. This is a very simple thing to do yourself,

Wealth Transformation University will even show you how to make some money!

You can find them at: Vision In Sight 

andHealth Transformation University 

andWealth Transformation University 

I have found many other interesting blogs by blind individuals or pertaining to blindness and they are listed here:

Check out our 'Notable Blogs' list below - your portal to the disability blog world...

Blind Vision Blog

Disability Studies, Temple U.

Talking Book Librarian

AFB blog
Planet of the Blindblog
Blind Insight
Dan's World
Customer Servant


There are many services that offer very inexpensive website hosting if you are interested in building your own site.

Few, however, are accessible with blind technology. Following is one that we have found that is accessible with screen readers:


*Following are some examples of what our blind community members have created:
Roy Dubriel
Shirley Cheng

Chat Rooms

* If you have ever tried to keep up with the written chatter found in most chat rooms ...

well visit:

This site is microphone use only. There is very limited use of keyboard chat, unless specified in certain rooms. About 95% of the users are blind, and it is a wonderful place to meet other blind people all around the world! Once weekly, there is a technical advice room opened where technical questions are answered by experts in the use of JAWS and other applications. There are also rooms where there are books read, games played, music sung and played, you name it, and if you don't find it, you can create it! You need to check this out! If you are interested, visit
For The People

* VIP Conduit Another great voice chat space for Visually Impaired People If you are interested, visit

* Out Of Sight

and yet, another great voice chat site for the blind If you are interested, visit Out Of Sight Voice Chat

Phone Chat Lines

Phone chat is a great way to meet people safely around the world.

note that does not endorse any of these services, we are not responsible for any coorospondance you have with these services. All callers must be 18 years of age and each caller must use his own discretion if wishing to meet or exchange information with others.



* One Special Love

Nationwide 866-614-7777

* Quest has local listings for each area in the country

Click here:

Or call 1-888-257-5757

* lava life chat line


* A whole list of phone chat lines, find the one you want ...


* There are numerous forums where you can find others to talk to and help you find the answers that you need:

Emotional Support


Computer Forums

Accessify Forum

Blind Groups

Google groups
Blind Users - Google Groups

blind users list :

Blind Related Mailing Lists

*Visit this site which has a full listing of any and all mailing lists that are available for the blind.

Here you can find a multitude of topics of specific interests.
Blind Mailing Lists

* Booktalk is a great way to meet reading enthusiasts of all kinds.

Send Book_talk mailing list submissions to

To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit
BookTalk mailing list

or, via email, send a message to

You can reach the person managing the list at

Books are the best of friends.

* If you are an author or inspiring author, come join a Yahoo group at:

Written Word Party Line

* If cooking is your thing, Yahoo has a couple of great lists at:

BlindCook at Yahoo!


UK VI Cooks at Yahoo!


BlindChefat Yahoo!

* There are a few groups which pertain to independent living and support for anyone living with visual impairment in their life. This includes those with sight and have loved ones with vision problems.

> Lending Hand at Yahoo!

> Partial Lifeat Yahoo!

More about all these groups can be found at this link:
Yahoo! Groups

Accessible Games

* Links to Accessible Games
Accessible Games

* Audio Game Maker

The Accessibility Foundation proudly presents the beta release of the Audio Game Maker, a free application which enables visually impaired people to make their own sound-based computer games. The Audio Game Maker is part of Game, a series of activities conducted by the Accessibility foundation in order to improve the accessibility of computer games for players with impairments.

Audio Game Maker

* Klango


*Texas Hold'em

Take part in the worldwide phenomenon that is Texas Hold'em. Real opponents, virtual tables, fake chips, full of excitement, thrills and fun.

All inPlay is proud to bring you the world's first ever fully accessible online Texas Hold'em game, for you and your friends to play together as equals.
Texas Hold'em

*The United States Braille Chess Association

The purpose of the United States Braille Chess Association (USBCA) is to actively encourage and assist in the promotion and advancement of correspondence and over-the-board chess among chess enthusiasts who are blind or visually impaired.

the U.S. Braille Chess Association now has a listserv. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail message to:

You will receive confirmation from the listserv software. For more information about this list, visit:
About U.S. Braille Chess Association listserv

USBCA members enjoy the following benefits:

Current Correspondence Ratings
crisscross tech

playing friendly games against other USBCA members to get more practice and experience. Challenge a member to a game.

playing chess tournaments by e-mail or by phone against other players of about the same strength.

Here are some tactile chess sets used by blind players.
Accessible chess sets at crisscross tech

Challenger the magazine of the U.S. Braille Chess Association.

access to a library of chess materials in braille, on cassette and on computer disk.
library of chess materials in braille

an annual over-the-board championship tournament sanctioned by the United States Chess Federation.

Related chess links

These are links to other associations of blind chess players, accessible computer chess games and more. These sites are not part of the U.S. Braille Chess Association.
Related chess links >

President: The United States Braille Chess Association Alan Dicey Contact Alan Dicey

* Audyssey is an electronic magazine dedicated to computer games which are accidentally or purposefully accessible to the blind.

To receive Audyssey by email, send an emessage with the Subject: line: subscribe audyssey

Simply ask to be added to the Audyssey distribution list, and each new issue of the magazine will be automatically sent to you. Please note that this is a personal eddress, so kindly remember that a person and not a machine will be receiving and processing your subscription request.


* The Syncopated Radio Network

A free audio service broadcasting a large selection of Old Time Radio,Nostalgic Music,plus programming for the visually-impaired,disabled and more.

The Syncopated Radio Network

*Thayne Multimedia Inc.

Old Time Radio Free For The Blind & Disabled

Fear you can hear .com Membership Reaching 4,000 Members!

provides Free Listening and Downloading Access of over 14,000 Old Time Radio shows for the Blind, Visually Impaired, and Disabled.
Fear You Can Hear

* Two great radio talk programs for the blind can be found at:
Talk Radio Shows - Blind Ambitions Groups

* ACB Radio ACB Radio For on-line radio broadcast programming especially geared to blind and visually impaired users. Offers programming concerning adaptive aids, dealing with vision loss and other streams of diverse programming, including music and old-time-radio.
A C B Radio- Blind Ambitions Groups

* Association of Blind citizens has their own monthly internet radio station run by their members.

Check it out at:
Association of Blind Citizens Radio program

* Jim Snowbarger aka "The Snowman" produced and hosted a wonderful example of what the blind can achieve in radio

The SnowMan Radio Broadcast, a satirical talk show, was produced between August of 1999, and May 2001 by Jim Snowbarger of Marshalltown Iowa. The program was broadcast over Later shows were also broadcast on Shows were also posted on and a now defunked service called All voices and nearly all of the music used on this show were that of Jim Snowbarger.
The Snowman radio program

*The BBC has live programming and "Listen Again" where you can access shows up to a week after they are broadcast from their many stations. Accessible Listen Again and Accessible live BBC are software programs that allow screen readers to be more accessible to these services.

They can be downloaded at this site:
Accessible BBC

* Public Radio Exchange is an online variety of broadcasts available to the public on a wide range of topics. Visit this link to search for radio programs that may interest you.
Public Radio Exchange

Audio Description

Taping for the Blind, Inc.

Celebrating more than 40 years of turning sight into sound

Radio Reading, Custom Recording, Audio Description

Taping for the Blind, Inc.

Accessible TV Listings

* TV Listings

* Zap 2 It has a great website that gives local tv listings Zap 2 It TV Listings

* It has a great website that gives Full tv listings TV Listings

* NFB Newsline offers a convenient telephone tv listing service

Learn more by calling 866-504-7300.

or visit the NFB page about this service TV Listings by Telephone

Descriptive Movies

* Movies For the Blind

Takes public-domain movies and adds audio description to them, making them available for free listening or download. Movies For The Blind


* Blind Mice Movie Vault

Audible DVS Movies for Blind Mice Mart Members! Blind Mice Movie Vault

Recreation and Hobbies


* American Blind Bowlers Association

Since the 1940's the ABBA has enabled blind and visually impaired youths and adults to bowl alongside sighted friends and family.

Throughout the year tournaments are held in many locations in North America. Click here: American Blind Bowler's


* Do you think you could be a photographer? No ... well, check this out! Seeing Beyond Sight


* Come cruise with GDUI and Damar Travel and bring your guide dog! wonderful people, breath taking scenery!

Contact: Dave Kronk

1 800 999-6101

* Travel By Pegasus

Lauren Casey Pegasus Travel

with YTB offering: cruises; airfare; hotels; car rentals and much more. for golf enthusiasts. Golf enthusiasts

If interested please contact Lauren Casey or Robert Rindt at 1-609-912-0657 or

email us at :

* Mind's Eye Travel

Creating trips for people who are visually impaired or blind. Mind's Eye Travel

Sue Bramhall

email at :


* Indian Tour Guide Has New Website!

Have you always wanted to travel to India but you don't know anyone who could show you around when you get there?

Visit my website and learn more. I'm still updating it so come back often. Binoy Thomas. Kerala Heavenly Home

If you have any questions or have not found exactly what you need on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us.

email us at :

Please take time to visit our

Call for help for those individuals interested in a way to help in our effort. Or if you are looking for a great way to become your own boss, find your purpose, and a life of freedom and happiness…

Inspiration Marketing

A new day is dawning

This page soon will contain

* links to radio stations

*forum where you can post your views, experiences, and feelings about blindness

* reviews of all the information found on this page

*reviews and updated information on the latest developments for the blind including:


latest breakthroughs for the blind

and news from the largest organizations helping the blind

We are working hard to make this site as complete and truly helpful as possible. In the next couple of weeks you will see this unfold. Please check back often for updates.

If you have helpful information to include in this site please contact us

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